DD:WW pierce gradation / SINGLE

gradation gray / yellow / red 
pierce ※gradationではありません 
DD:WW pierce gradation / SINGLE
DD:WW pierce gradation / SINGLE
sold one by one
Wood parts : Japanese hardwood
Metal parts : Cut out Brass, sandblasted finish, rhodium plated
Piercing needle part : Titanium

For goods using natural materials, the texture is different one by one.
Because the wood part is delicate processing, please be careful of dirt and scratches.
Acrylic coating is applied to the surface of the wooden section, but we recommend that you wipe off early in case of rain or water droplets to use for a long time.
Although the metal part has applied rhodium plating to brass, it does not mean that allergic reaction does not appear to everyone.

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  • It is a contemporary jewelry made from a variety of hardwoods from around Japan made by our own method. You can feel the time when the trees have gone by looking at the unique texture.